Real Cheap Eats

was a local’s guide to inexpensive restaurants in New York City,
built by New York City’s most knowledgeable food writers.

Launched as a direct response to "Cheap Eats" lists published by Time Out New York and New York Magazine, Real Cheap Eats garnered a surprisingly large following. It became a labor of love for the editors, writers, and photographers who wanted not only to share their tips on local food, but also show appreciation for the local business owners who moved heaven and earth to offer a piece of themselves to anyone who walked through their doors.

For a few reasons -- some business, some personal -- Real Cheap Eats has closed its doors.

You can still see the full directory of eats we had recommended over the years here, but since that information may be outdated, please double-check on the internets before trekking out to eat.

If you’ve been using our site to find your next great bite, please continue following our most active contributors, as they continue to trek across all five boroughs to connect with the full range of people and foods that make New York one of the world’s best places to have a meal:

The team that built all of Real Cheap Eats’ working parts are still at large as creative and technical professionals:

The founders of Real Cheap Eats no longer write about food, but are still very involved with New York’s food communities:

As you continue to navigate the world of food in NYC, please keep in mind the socioeconomic issues that “cheap” food inevitably exposes. Tip your local restaurant staff well, treat them as people before products, and try to hear the stories and struggles behind your meals. If there’s anything that we’ve passed on as a legacy, we hope that it’s compassion for the people who nourish us and make our daily lives more than a hand-to-mouth existence.

James and Noah,
Co-founders of Real Cheap Eats