Perfect Picnic & BBQ Spots in New York

Perfect Picnic & BBQ Spots in New York

Although New York is famous for its concrete skyscrapers and busy streets, the city is also littered with quiet spots that are perfect for much-needed breaks. Take a pause from the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps by spreading a picnic blanket or cranking up the grill. To help you with your summer mission, we have compiled a list of eight spots in New York City that are perfect for a casual picnic or BBQ.


Prospect Park (Park Slope)

Located in Brooklyn, this 500-acre patch of greenery is more than enough space for a relaxing afternoon under the sun. Follow one of the park’s many trails to a perfect spot, spread a blanket, and pull out the snacks; enjoy a calm day surrounded by friends, families, loved ones, and tall, gorgeous trees.

Fort Tryon Park (Washington Heights)

Enjoy a view of the Hudson River and the buzz of sports and chatter in this park uptown that offers more than enough space for a fun picnic. You can even bring your pets, your ping pong paddles, and your volleyball nets.

The Pool at the Central Park (UWS)

Of course, we have to mention Central Park. Have a classic picnic beside the famous pool by 102nd Street. Surrounded by picturesque wildlife and nature, forget about the concrete monsters and noisy traffic around you for a moment.


Governor’s Island (Governor’s Island)

Barbecuing has been allowed on Governor’s Island, and we can’t be happier about it! Hurry to secure one of the six grills offered by the location for 26$ each. Enjoy an afternoon stroll or a bike ride after your meal, and enjoy the rest of the city.

Fort Washington Park (Washington Heights)

Have a picturesque barbecue overlooking the Hudson River, nearby the historic Little Red Lighthouse, in Fort Washington Park. Surrounded by gorgeous meadows and woods, and history all around, you’re sure to have a great day.

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