Is it Okay to Consume CBD Oil with Food?

Is it Okay to Consume CBD Oil with Food?

The medical benefits that come with taking CBD oil make it possible for many families to add it into their healthcare routine. However, there has been conflicting debate on whether CBD oil is effective if taken with food or on an empty stomach. But first, it’s best to first understand about CBD oil ingestion so as to know how to take your CBD oil in the most efficient way possible.

Should CBD Be Taken with Food?

Yes, CBD oil should be taken with food. This is because foods are likely to enhance bioavailability, which is the rate at which substances are absorbed. When bioavailability is enhanced, the rate at which CBD will reach your bloodstream will also be increased. When you take CBD oil with food, it travels through the stomach and gets broken along the way till it reaches the liver through the portal vein. It is in the liver where the absorption rate of CBD can be improved by eating certain type of foods.

Before CBD reaches the circulatory system, it is metabolized by cytochrome P450. It then goes through the first pass metabolism, also known as first pass effect, which breaks CBD down to yield more than 100 different metabolites. However, not all of these metabolites will be effective to your body, and they are therefore excreted. When this happens, the bioavailability of CBD will reduce and not enough will reach your bloodstream.

In fact, a recent study found that administering CBD with fatty acids allows it to bypass the first pass metabolism. This can diminish CBD concentration and alter its structure into one of its metabolites. You should, therefore, avoid foods that make CBD not go through the first pass metabolism as your body will not be able to absorb more CBD.

Which Foods Should CBD Oil Be Taken with?

It is recommendable to take CBD oil with meals containing medium or long-chain triglycerides (fatty acids). These are powerful binding agents that may delay absorption while increasing bioavailabity. The liver metabolizes them into energy, and this ensures that CBD concentration is not reduced through the first pass metabolism.

A study by University of Nottingham researchers found that taking CBD oil with foods high in fatty acids bypasses the first pass metabolism. Hence, your body will burn the fats, and more CBD will interact with your natural systems. These researchers also found that the bioavailability increased four times when the CBD hemp oil was taken with food.

Therefore, the best food for taking CBD oil is food high in fatty acids and oils. This includes coconut, fish, meat, soybean, olive, eggs, avocados, sesame oil and donuts.

Another Way of Absorbing CBD Hemp Oil

You can also enhance bioavailability by absorbing CBD oil sublingually. Instead of taking CBD with meals, you can hold CBD products like CBD oil and liquids under the tongue for about a minute so that CBD is absorbed through the mucous membrane. This allows the CBD to bypass the digestive system as it travels to your bloodstream. Nonetheless, once it is swallowed, some absorption process will take place in the digestive tract.

The other method is to vape the CBD so that you inhale it via your lungs’ alveoli. This method will allow CBD’s bioavailabity to increase.

Ideally, it is more effective to consume CBD oil with food rather than on an empty stomach. Taking CBD oil with food can enhance your oral bioavailability and also increase the concentration of CBD absorbed in the bloodstream.

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