Quick and Healthy Bedtime Snacks

Quick and Healthy Bedtime Snacks

It’s hard to resist temptation when you’re on diet. Especially when you’re stressed from work and school, all you can think of is just lay on the bamboo mattress you bought online. But admit it, whether you’re on diet or not, eating snacks before sleeping is a thing.

Others may find it unhealthy, but eating snacks before going to sleep is totally OKAY. You just have to eat the right food. There are many bedtime snacks you can eat that are quick to prepare and healthy. According to the founder of ‘TheBambooBazaar.com’, eating small and healthy snacks before bedtime can stabilize the sugar levels of the body and thus eventually help you fall asleep. Here are some of the quick and healthy bedtime snacks you can nibble before going to dreamland.

Greek Yogurt

The rich and creamy yogurt helps in balancing carbohydrates and maintaining protein that keeps you full. The Greek yogurt comes in different flavor that you can choose depending on your taste buds. If you’re looking for something that has just enough sweetness, you might want to go with a coconut flavor yogurt.


With so many foods that contain fiber, popcorn is a much better option. Fiber support the digestive system of the body. A small bowl of unflavored popcorn contains high volume of fiber making it a good snack compared to a stack of potato chips that has high fat content and calories. For those who like to binge-watch movies before sleeping in a comfortable bamboo mattress, popcorn is a good choice of snack.

Pumpkin seeds

Tryptophan is an amino acid that helps in boosting serotonin levels. Raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds have enough dosage of tryptophan that regulates almost all aspects of the body including sleeping. Also, pumpkin seeds have monounsaturated fats and fiber that keeps you full.


If you’re trying to get the perfect and sound sleep, aside from a comfortable and absorbent bamboo mattress, oatmeal with raisins and almonds will do almost the same. The snack has a slow releasing carbohydrates making it a perfect aid for a good sleep.

Salted Watermelon

It may sound crazy, but adding a pinch of salt in your watermelon makes a good combination of sweetness. Eating fresh watermelon contains less calories and high volume of water. Water keeps you hydrated– that’s why watermelon is a one of good choices to eat before bedtime.

Peanut Butter and Sandwich

Fruits add up flavor and sweetness to the peanut butter. Apple balances the number of bacteria from the digestive tract, banana contains potassium and strawberry which is a good source of Vitamin C making it the best pair for peanut butter sandwich.

The best way for a balanced and healthy lifestyle is not to deprive yourself from eating food that you like. While eating snacks before bedtime is a choice, it is still best to choose the right food that is quick to prepare, healthy, and nutritious to get a sound, peaceful sleep.

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