Best Restaurants to Get Breakfast in New York City

Best Restaurants to Get Breakfast in New York City

Breakfast is arguably one of the most significant meals you cannot afford to miss. However, given the busy schedule ahead of you as you work in New York City, it is not always possible to enjoy a homemade breakfast. This is when you start to consider breakfast prices for fast food restaurants to determine which matches the value of your money and the taste of your tongue. You can follow this link and have a look at some of the best restaurants to get breakfast in New York City.


Address: 80 Spring Street

Located in SoHo neighborhood, Balthazar takes your breakfast experience to Parish by providing dishes including Sour Cream Hazelnut Waffles, Pain Au Chocolate, Eggs En Cocotte, and Cafe Au Lait to mention a few. The serene environment is another plus when you choose Balthazar as your breakfast destination.

Jack’s Wife Freda

Address: 224 Lafayette Street

Another excellent choice in SoHo, Jacks Wife Freda, offers an incredible combination of Mediterranean influences with American favorites for a healthy and sturdy breakfast. Get a taste of Mediterranean-meets-Jewish fare like Rosewater Waffles with Lebanese Yogurt among other creative blends to lighten your day.


Address: 42 Grove Street

The French bistro romances that you will experience while eating breakfast in Buvette is unmatched. Buttery Croissants, Espresso-Steamed Eggs served with Prosciutto, and Waffles, to mention a few, are what you’ll enjoy in Chef Jody Williams’ West Village establishment. It is a blend of European traditions brought right to your New York City neighborhood.

Clinton Street Baking Company and restaurant

Address: 4 Clinton St

How about starting your day with delicious blueberry pancakes served with warm maple butter? Better yet, how about omelets made of locally sourced ingredients to make those fantastic egg dishes? That is just a preview of what you get from the popular Chef Neil’s kitchen located in the Lower East Side neighborhood.


Address: 371 Lafayette Street

Have you ever thought of starting your day with a Mexican inspired breakfast? If you are yet to try it out, Noho’s Atla is the place to be. Enjoy healthy, strong, and tasty Chia Oatmeal among other Mexican cuisines as you relax in a serene and beautiful environment. The best part of it is that you do not have to wait in line or be in a congested area.


Address: 17 W 20th Street

There are those days when you want to grab a bite as you hurriedly head your way. Flatiron’s Spoon is the perfect choice in such a situation. With most of their breakfast choices being under $3, you cannot afford to miss breakfast as a result of lack of time.

The busy streets of New York City can overwhelm you as you consider where to take your most important meal of the day. With the availability of numerous choices and cuisines to choose from, your quest to land that perfect spot can prove to be challenging. Given the different breakfast prices for fast food restaurants, it is significant to consider your budget beforehand to ensure that you get the best that the competitive market has to offer.

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