Starting Your Own NYC Food Blog via WordPress

Starting Your Own NYC Food Blog via WordPress

Have you always dreamed of starting your own NYC food blog but you just don’t know how to? It may get a little tedious at first, but if you really want to make your NYC food blog happen, the internet can be a very useful tool for you to gather and get to know everything you need to start your dream blog. Here is a simple guide on what you’ll need.

Select a Domain Name, Web Host, and Site Builder

Starting a food blog will require you to come up with a domain name, web hosting, and a site builder. Basically, a domain name refers to a web address. Unlike the usual thinking that a domain name should contain a certain target keyword for the sake of SEO, it actually doesn’t have to work that way.

Having a target keyword in your domain doesn’t anymore affect your SEO score. It’s now up to you however you want your website to be called or known for. You may even want to name your food blog after your name. Many people already do that nowadays.

Once you’ve chosen your desired domain name, you have to book it on a domain name registrar service such as Namecheap. Another option is to buy the domain name from a hosting provider that offers one.

After coming up with a domain name, the next thing do is to make your website go live. To do that, you will need a reliable WordPress host. You can select one from a number of web hosts available out there such as SiteGround and InMotion Hosting which are both customer-friendly web hosting providers. Web hosting services can charge you around $3.99 to $29 on a monthly basis.

After having a web host and a domain name, you also need to have a site builder like WordPress CMS. You can choose between having a self-hosted website or a freely hosted website by WordPress. If you’re only starting an NYC food blog as a hobby, it’s recommended for you to just start with a WordPress account. However, if you’re looking to make a living out of your food blog, go for a self-hosted website.

Customize and Make Your Website Functional with Themes and Plugins

The next step is to build your website and customize it with themes and plugins. There are free themes out along with paid ones. Anyone can start to use free themes since it will still take time before one can start earning from the blog. Whether you’re going to use free or paid ones, just go for the theme that will suit your NYC food blog.

After choosing the right theme for your food blog, you also need to install plugins to provide the functionalities for your food blog. Having plugins for your website can also improve the user experience of your page visitors. Just remember to find plugins that you think will be useful for your food blog.

Once you have done these things, you’re now on your way to making a passive income out of your NYC food blog.

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