Top Restaurants in New York that Passed Numerous Background Checks

Top Restaurants in New York that Passed Numerous Background Checks

Have you ever wondered which restaurants have gone through very tedious background checks? Well, you’ll notice the ones that are doing very well because they only have the finest staff possible for the restaurant. Just to give you an idea, click here to find some of the restaurants that have undergone and passed various background checks.


Daniel, a Manhattan Michelin star holder, is one of the best restaurants that you’ll find in the state. In fact, it was awarded a three-star Michelin award, making it one of the 6 only Michelin star holders in Manhattan. How was this made possible? Simply because its founder, Chef Daniel Boulud, carefully picked and trained 30 cooks himself. The restaurant’s management only selected the most qualified staff to cook and serve. Since they know that they’ll be on the map and will be subject to heavy background checks from background check services, they make sure that everything is high-quality, from food to service to ambiance.

Le Bernardin

Did you know that the Michelin Guide usually sends reporters in disguise to judge a restaurant? They would check to see if a well-known restaurant is up to standard. If it is, they will give the restaurant a high rating. One such restaurant that has topped the test with a three-star rating is Le Bernardin. Le Bernardin is an amazing seafood restaurant created by Chef Eric Ripert. Known for combining flavors of Asia and Europe, he is known for making some of the best seafood dishes in New York. Not only is his food crafted to perfection but also his restaurant itself. He decorated his restaurant with some of the most sophisticated decor and art pieces, making his place have a beautiful ambiance.

Jean Georges

Jean Georges is a restaurant that has multiple awards, with good reason. It has the status of a world-renowned restaurant because of the spectacular fusion of Asian and European flavors, allowing it to cater to different markets. In fact, it is known to have passed the standards of various background checks, earning it the titles of three-star Michelin holder, AAA five-diamond holder, and New York Times four-star holder.


What makes Masa unique from all the other Japanese restaurants in the area is that the chef, Chef Masa Takayama, doesn’t serve food from a menu. He just makes them and serves them. That means you most likely won’t know what you’re going to eat—but you’re going to love it. Not only is his food of five-star ranking but the service and the innovativeness of his style as well. His sushi is known to be the most expensive ones in the world, as reported by Forbes – but definitely worth it for foodies. To add to that, Chef Masa is also a three-star Michelin chef, which is why his food is so good. No matter what background check services you go to in order to check out this restaurant, you’ll receive nothing but positive results.

These are some of the best restaurants that have gone through background checks. Various organizations do background checks to know which restaurants deserve the awards. These ones definitely deserve what they have been awarded.

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