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Hey, Real Cheap Eaters!

We’re in the preliminary stages of building a full-fledged mobile app for Real Cheap Eats, but if you’re an iPhone user with iOS5, you can use Foursquare Radar right now to scope out the best cheap eats near you!

Click here to follow our list for Real Cheap Eats NYC, then set your radar to receive notifications whenever you’re near one of our recommended dishes. If you’re a Real Cheap Eats pro, you’ll seek out the 18 places that don’t yet exist on Foursquare, then mayor that shit so we can add all of them to our list.

That’s right, “mayor that shit.” I say things on blogs I would never say in real life.

Don’t forget, you can let us know what you think by following us on Twitter, joining us on Facebook, or leaving a comment on this blog.


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