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La Flaca - Photo by Dave Cook

Dave Cook has a “Christmas Style” burrito with Hatch chile peppers at La Flaca on the Lower East Side. He also tried the pork leg and braised wheat gluten appetizers at Shanghai 456, where the author just had a delicious lunch of sheng jian bao.

Check out commenter John Kehoe’s in-depth discourse on Lanzhou hand pulled noodles in Manhattan’s Chinatown on Jared Cohee’s post praising the Mt. Qi noodles at Super Taste. As for Jared, he found a surprisingly good meal of jellied meats and potato salad, among other things, at the Estonian House in Murray Hill.

Still looking for something to do in NYC on Christmas Eve? Why not go to “Woks and Lox,” an event celebrating Jewish and Asian food and culture at the Queens Kickshaw, run by our very own Jeff Orlick and Veronica Chan.

Finally, a very big congratulations to Real Cheap Eaters Blondie and Brownie, who got a book deal this week!


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