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This is Real Cheap Eats’ weekly roundup of news, reviews, and tips from our contributors and from other sites we like.

Jeff Orlick made an incredibly useful guide to Ecuadorian street carts, and Jared Cohee travelled to Ridgewood in Queens for sauerbraten and spaetzle at Gottscheer Hall Tap Room.

Photo by Jeff Orlick

Clare Trapasso of City Spoonful feasts at the Taste of Sunnyside, while Nick Chen of My Inner Fatty can’t help but order the Grand Slam at Go! Go! Curry!

Blondie was disappointed in her pierogi but ate great cheese blintzes in Greenpoint, while Brownie and Noah Arenstein agree that the clam pie at Zuppardi’s in West Haven, Connecticut is simply awesome.

James Boo revisited Kuti’s lamb shawarma in Morningside Heights. We’re left wondering whether Dave Cook tried the unfortunately named sucuk quesidilla he discovered in Sheepshead Bay, but he did enjoy the Calcutta ghugni ‘n puri at The Masala Wala on Essex Street on the Lower East Side.

Joe DiStefano ate a massive Chilean chacarero sandwich at San Antonio Bakery in Astoria. Speaking of sandwiches, everyone should peruse Serious Eats NY’s List of 31 Great New York Sandwiches before deciding what to do this weekend.


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