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Our own Chris H, writing for Midtown Lunch, declares BCD Tofu House’s soondubu jjigaethe best” in Koreatown. Meanwhile, Midtown Lunch also reports that the Norwegian Seamen’s Church on 52nd between First and Second Avenue is holding a holiday market that runs until this Saturday (the 19th) at 6PM. Try some Norwegian food while it lasts!

Photo by Joe DiStefano - World's Fare

Joe DiStefano certainly had an extreme week of eating. First, he tried Woodside Cafe which offers Nepali, Indian, American, sandwiches, and of course, Italian food. Thankfully, he enjoyed the spicy kick of the spaghetti puttanesca– just like grandma used to make. It got even more extreme for Joe at Astoria‘s Ornella Trattoria, where he tried sanguinaccio, a chocolate pudding made with a hefty dose of blood, as well as casu marzu, an infamous Italian cheese that’s literally crawling with maggots.

Blondie finds crazy cheap, yet delicious California-style fish tacos at Taqueria LES on Orchard Street. Jared Cohee treks to East New York for Nigerian food and lots of goat offal at Festac Grill. Robert Fernandez has a Russian burger fail at Kouros Bay Diner on Nostrand Avenue, and James Boo sips on Venezuelan chica de arroz at Arepas Cafe in Astoria.


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