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The menu at Super Taste is pretty typical of a hand-pulled noodles joint in Chinatown, as is the food. Good, warming soups and quality homemade noodles. But one thing sets Super Taste apart from its competition, the amazing Mount Qi noodles: a bright red, almost glowing, bowl of hand-pulled noodles with some really incredible spicing. The sign on the wall reads a long list of awkwardly stated qualities, but they are all true. It’s like magic.

Super Taste on Eating the World in NYC
26 Eldridge St. at Canal St. (Map)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 219-9876

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2 Responses to Super Taste – Mt. Qi Noodles

  1. John Kehoe says:

    I have eaten noodle for years in Taiwan and south parts of China, and have found some really good noodle shops in Chinatown. This one on Eldridge St. claims to be autentic Lanzhou Pulled Noodle: 蘭州手工拉麵. In China, Lanzhou 蘭州 in Gansu Province 甘肅省 is famous for hand pulled noodles, but most of the restaurats in Chinatown NYC claming to be autentic Lanzhou hand pulled noodles are owned and operated by people from Fuzhou: 福州人. Still you can get some great taste in these shops.

    It should be noted that many of the hand pulled noodle shops in Lanzhou China are operated by hui 回 people, Chinese Muslims (回教) .

    The 26 Eldridge Street shop is not bad. Its location is nice, and it always has a few customers inside. One menu’s specialty is 岐山麵 (Mount Qi Noodle), and this is an area and mountain in 山西省 or Shanxi Province, which is quite far from northwest province of Gansu: 甘肅省. I actually ate 岐山麵 Mount Qi Noodle, and was satisfied, and recommend it.

    So, are the owners from Gansu 甘肅 or Shanxi山西?
    The owners, though I did not ask, my guess is they are : 福州人 people from Fuzhou or Fujinan, and the noodle is far from authentic Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodle, but the noodle IS hand pulled, and the dishes are not bad. I can tell you that finding 蘭州手工拉麵 Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodle done by a person from Lanzhou here in NYC is not going to happen, unless it is a worker form Lanzhou working for a Fujianese. None the less, hand pulled noodles in these Fuzhou owned shops can be good.

    If you want to eat 福州式麵 Fuzhou Style Noodle you need to go to other places and order 拌麵 Banmian (noodle w/ peanut sauce), and this is found easily at the more non-discript Fuzhou eating places for only $2. One is corner of Eldridge and Broome, another is C & L Dumpling House on Chrystie Street just up from Hester. Authentic Fujianese noodles, simple and cheap. These noodles are made fresh nightly for delivery the next day in a factory on Forsythe and Canal and sent around to the restaurants every day. The facory is near the Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, and you can walk by after midnight and see the noodles being churned out, with flour dust all through the first floor.

    Well, concerning eating HAND PULLED noodles ( 手工拉麵), on my last visit 26 Eldridge Street, I ordered 山西切削麵 (shanxi knife cut noodles) and though it is on the menu, they no longer offer it. My guess is they now are confined to preparing all the noodle before hand as opposed to by order. I had instead 牛肉拉麵加辣 (Beef hand pulled noodle with extra spicy). The beef slices where exceptionally geneous and very tender and delicous, the noodles fresh and good, but the broth and spice not to satisfaction.

    I did find their use of spice for their hot (spicy ) dishes to be under spiced. There are better places for hand pulled noodle 手工拉麵 not too far from this restaurant for about the same price, so though I found the staff extremely nice, and friendly and helpful, it is not number on, but does have a diverse selection and delicious 岐山麵 (Mount Qi Noodle), which I recommend.

    And I will tell you a secret, by far the best noodles are found at a Henan 河南 Restaurant on Forsyth opposite the park up from Hester. It has both knife cut and hand pulled noodles: 切削麵 手工拉麵 都有。 The Owners ae from Henan Province河南省, the sign says Henan 河南, and the food is Henan 河南. Henan is known in China to also have great noodles. The restaurant is called 河南風味 Flavor of Henan: 68 B Forsyth St.

  2. James Boo - The Eaten Path says:

    Thanks for the insightful comment, John! I believe it is true that many of the lanzhou-style noodle joints in Chinatown are run by Fuzhou, and I’ve personally enjoyed the banmian noodles you speak of (though not at the eateries you’ve mentioned here).

    Several of our writers, myself included, are actually big fans of Henan Flavor — both in Chinatown and in Queens. I do prefer Uncle Zhou restaurant for its wider variety of dishes, but Henan Flavor has quickly become one of my favorite Chinatown restaurants (it’s not always easy to make the trip to Elmhurst).

    Happy eating!

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