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The Chinese New Year (a.k.a. delicious new year) has begun, and we’re wasting no time in celebrating.

Looking back, Robyn has 16 “best of 2011″ recommendations for New Yorkers over on The Girl Who Ate Everything. Declaring open season on a new year of good eats, the folks at City Spoonful partnered with the author of Tasty Pursuits to produce a video guide to making ever beloved xiaolongbao (“soup dumplings”). Joe DiStefano, man of the people, rang in the year of the Dragon with a meal at Popeye’s in Elmhurst.

Representing on the Serious Eats front, Chris Hansen recounts 12 must-try dishes in Singapore, while Krista Garcia reports on the Midtown opening of Pie Face, the newest branch of an Australian meat pie chain.

Not to be out-pied (possibly not to be out-faced), our friends at Midtown Lunch also delivered a first taste of Pie Face, as well as some happy news from the world of street food: Kwik Meal’s lamb on rice is now under $10.

On the west side, James Boo put in a good word for the lighter (but no less flavorful) side of Pure Thai Cookhouse with a post on its grilled spicy beef salad on The Eaten Path. And down on the Lower East Side, in the bumping hole in the wall formerly known as Baohaus, Dave Cook gets in a fresh word on Pok Pok Wing, a James Beard Award-Winning import from Portland.

Last but far from least is a few minutes of fame: Jeffrey Tastes made his network TV debut on ABC’s “The Chew”! Jump to the the 14-minute mark of this episode to see our boy give the audience an international tour of Jackson Heights eats. That’s how you do it when braised goat is your riches.


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