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Cooking by Heart: Jollof Rice from alana & paul.

What’s new in the Real Cheap Eats universe?

In the outer boroughs: Jared Cohee continues eating the world in NYC with a stop for bolon de chicharron (among other treats) at Elmhurst’s Mini Picanteria El GuayaquileƱo. Yet another loving ode to the soup dumplings at Nan Xiang Xiaolongbao hits the page at My Inner Fatty. And at the opposite end of NYC, James Boo spotlight some outstanding Russian bread at the bakery counter of Brighton Bazaar.

On the island: A solid peanut noodle meets Dave Cook’s chopsticks at Chinatown’s Shui Mei Cafe. Upstream, Feisty Foodie’s TT, a New Jersey native, points out that Moonstruck Diner offers coupons on restaurant.com and pays a visit for the sake of diner food.

In the kitchen: City Spoonful teams up with Cooking by Heart to share the above video, along with a family recipe on Nigerian Joloff Rice, a traditional staple that makes for serious eating. Meanwhile, our friend Charles over at United Nations of Food reports on a wonderful spread of Lao cuisine, courtesy of the Lao chef of Mangez Avec Moi.

And if you’re crazy about Girl Scout Cookies: Blondie and Brownie have you covered with this primer and directory for the arrival of another batch. We declare this week open season on all things tasty.


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