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Hey cheap eaters! Our contributors documented some amazing eats in the last week. Check them out!

Jamie Feldmar has had a good few weeks. First, she wrote an article for the Paris Review, documenting the history of New York City power lunches. Then she took a trip to Memphis, where she ate all of the barbecue at Cochon 555.

Noah Arenstein writes a rare blog post for the Street Vendor Project’s blog, exploring the street food around the Myrtle/Wyckoff subway station in Bushwick.

Blondie tries the “Hot Mess” at Fort Reno BBQ in Park Slope. It’s basically a mason jar full of meat and sides. Brownie, meanwhile gives away the secret to large-scale food events: a plastic tray.

On Staten Island, City Spoonful’s Arpita Aneja shares a langer meal with vegetarian Sikhs. And there’s video!

Joe DiStefano is in Jackson Heights at the grand opening of the Jackson Heights Food Court in the Eagle Theater.

Dave Cook celebrates the end of Summer with an orange-flavored Italian ice at DiCosmo’s in Elizabeth, NJ (but it can also be found on Rockaway Beach).

Further afield, Krista Garcia surveys food court options, including spicy fried chicken, at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

Happy Eating!


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