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Editor’s Note: Since this dish was added to Real Cheap Eats, its price has risen past $10.00. It’s still a part of the guide as a part of our “grandfather” policy.

Papaya salad is a staple on Thai restaurant menus, and at Zabb Elee, which specializes in food from Thailand’s northeastern Isaan region, you’ll find seven varieties of som tum—some more oddball than others. The Kortmuar hides a slew of unexpected goodies in a pile of rice noodles and shredded fruit: slices of pork sausage, raw Thai eggplant, crunchy fried fish, pork skin and tangy pickled cabbage. Spicy (a four on Zabb’s one-to-five scale packs serious heat) and a little funky, it may change your idea of what a papaya salad can be.

Zabb Elee
75 Second Ave. nr East 4th St. (map)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505-9533

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