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Bate - Sweet Potato Leaf Stew

  • BNX
  • $10.00

New Yorkers intent on savoring the city’s most unusual flavors, take note. Here at the Bronx’s premier venue for West African cooking, this dish of stewed sweet potato greens employs palm oil and fakoye, a reclusive and utterly unique Malian herb. Musky and earthy, the dish is redolent of pü-er tea and fields of dried grass. Mix the greens with white rice and bites of chewy goat and hints of smoked fish. Just don’t forget to pass the pepper, ami. Available Tuesdays and Saturdays only (look for “Sauce Feuille de Patate” on the menu).

Bate on Serious Eats NY
860 Melrose Ave. at E. 161st St. (map)
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 401-2283

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