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Hello again, Real Cheap Eaters! It feels like just yesterday we were hunkering down for the apocalypse, but with the safety of our city is assured and John Cusack in presumably good spirits, we can continue our mission: seeking out the best dishes for $10 or less in the five boroughs.

So what to eat in the coldest of seasons? Our writers hit the streets to find the answer, and unsurprisingly this is the Winter of Noodles and Soups. In this edition you’ll find noodle soups from across Asia: start with some fried lagman by way of Central Asia, look to Yunnan- and Guilin-style soups for slightly lighter fare, or turn up the spice with a Sichuan noodle soup. If you’re looking for a kicker in Koreatown, there’s a Korean tofu stew waiting for your order.

Don’t want soup? Fear not—the Eastern Europeans have you covered. Try a pork hock dinner or a classic Polish soup in Greenpoint, pair vodka with a sizzling platter of Belarus-style pork in Sheepshead Bay, or settle in with a fried pork chop plate in Greenwood. Elsewhere in New York you’ll find rice dishes, dumplings and one fantastic Indian breakfast.

This edition is not for the light eater, so loosen up your belt (or look for something in a sweatpant) and click here to see 21 new additions to the guide, and join us for a Real Cheap Winter.

In non-food-news: Real Cheap Eats is now hiring interns for Spring and Summer! The open positions are for web software development and food reporting/social media. If you’re interested in an opportunity to work on an awesome product with seasoned full-stack engineers and food writers, please click here to read the job descriptions and apply.

As always, we’d love for you to keep up with the world of Real Cheap Eats after you’ve had a taste. If you haven’t joined the social media party, then like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out our lists on Foursquare to keep warm.


2 Responses to Real Cheap Winter: Noodles Soups, Eastern European Comforts and a “Now Hiring” Sign

  1. Le Grumeau says:

    Great job guys, I love the good reviews !

  2. Danielle Kelly says:

    This makes me wish I were taking a trip to NYC; all of these sound amazing!

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