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The recommendations and photographs from this guide come straight from members of New York’s food blogging community. As food writers and food reviewers who take a bite out of the five boroughs every day, we’ve learned that an unending appetite requires a sensible budget — and we’re happy to pass the savings on to our fellow New Yorkers.

Most of our cheap eats recommendations include a link to complete reviews and stories on our own food blogs, so if you want to know more about the great tastes of New York, you’re just one click away!


James Boo – Editor-in-Chief, Founder
Blogs at: The Eaten Path, Serious Eats

A multimedia journalist and filmmaker, James runs “The Eaten Path, an international food and travel blog, and writes now and again for Serious Eats. Most of James’ time these days is spent on One Minute Meal, his web series on the food culture of New York. You can see James’ full body of work at jamesboo.com.


Noah Arenstein – Managing Editor
Blogs at: Law & Food

Noah Arenstein is a lawyer, home cook and one half of the blog Law & Food. After spending his mornings in court, he wanders through the outer boroughs in a suit and tie, looking for hidden ethnic eats, but mostly ends up in Georgian or West Indian restaurants. Originally from Cincinnati, Noah attended graduate school in the South before moving to Brooklyn and fulfilling every stereotype imaginable.


Anne Noyes Saini – Features Editor
Blogs at: City Spoonful

Anne Noyes Saini is the co-creator of City Spoonful, a website covering food and culture in New York City. She edits economics books by day and explores restaurants and regional cooking whenever she can. An erstwhile journalist, she has contributed to The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, WNYC-FM, and City Limits magazine. She lives in Astoria, where she aspires to learn how to make all the food she loves — from arepas to za’atar.


Joe DiStefano – Contributing Editor
Blogs at: Chopsticks and Marrow

Joe DiStefano—“the man who ate Queens”—is a tour guide, food writer and editor of Chopsticks and Marrow, a blog mainly about eating in Queens, New York City’s most delicious and diverse borough. His work has appeared in Edible Queens, Gourmet, Fork in the Road, Slashfood, and The New York Times. He eagerly awaits the arrival of a true night market in Flushing.


Amit Kumar – Mobile Developer
Codes at: R/GA
Helps you grow at: Bitponics
Blogs at: amitkumar.com

Amit is a New York-based freelance developer with a passion for developing user-friendly interfaces. In addition to working at R/GA as a senior front-end developer, he has contributed to projects at mimeo.com, Barnes & Noble, Verizon and Nike. Amit is also the co-founder of Bitponics, an hydroponics application that will help gardeners and farmers of all experience levels understand and manage their growth environments through real-time data.


Ashley Delose – Mobile Developer
Codes at: ashleydelose.com
Crafts at: ashdel handmade

Ashley is a Brooklyn-based front-end web developer with a soft spot for Spicy Nacho Doritos. She helped build the child theme used to customize the display of our free WordPress theme, Pagelines Platform. When she’s not coding, you can find Ashley at New York’s craft fairs, selling handmade textile jewelry to the New York public.


Alexandra Penfold
Blogs at: Blondie and Brownie

Alexandra is co-creator of Blondie and Brownie, a contributor to Midtown Lunch, as well as a Serious Eats contributor where she writes a weekly column on Classic American desserts. When she’s not seeking out cheap and delicious food wherever it may be found she’s probably baking cookies… or pie… or cake.


Andrea Heisinger
Blogs at: Midtown Lunch (Downtown NYC)

Andrea Heisinger somehow stumbled into food blogging thanks to obsessive reading of sites such as Midtown Lunch, where she finds the best places to eat the midday meal on the cheap in lower Manhattan. When not lunching she’s exploring all of the great food of Brooklyn, where she lives, while trying to eat her way through the world’s cuisines, one restaurant at a time.


Baron Ambrosia
Shoots at: Bronx Flavor
Baron Ambrosia is the writer and host of BronxNet Television’s twice Emmy-nominated Bronx Flavor, a culinary adventure series that uses comedy to break down cultural barriers. His belief that cuisine is the easiest way to bring different races and ethnicities to the same table has had a large impact in the Bronx and beyond. In 2010 he was proclaimed an official Bronx Culinary Ambassador. The Baron recently returned from Port Au Prince, Haiti, where he teamed up with Sony software to bring new video editing technology to students at the country’s only remaining film school, Le Cine Institute.


Charles Bibilos
Writes at: United Nations of Food

Leader of the United Nations of Food, Charles Bibilos documents his gluttonous quest to eat food from every country in the world (160 nations), without leaving New York City. His Manhattan apartment consists of a pigpen, a mud wallow, and a large feeding trough.


Chris Crowley
Blogs at: Serious Eats New York, Turntable Skillet

Chris Crowley is a contributor to Serious Eats New York, where he covers the Bronx (and occasionally the other boroughs). He credits his time spent in Shanghai – where he developed a passion for sheng jian bao and frog, and finally learned to embrace the searing heat of chilies – for kicking his food obsession into full gear.


Chris Hansen
Blogs at: Midtown Lunch, Serious Eats NY

Chris somehow finagled the good folks over at Midtown Lunch and Serious Eats New York to allow him to write for them. When not blogging about cheap lunches in Midtown Manhattan, he’s attempting to demystify amazing Korean food in the neighborhood of Flushing, Queens. And no, he’s not the “To Catch a Predator” guy.


Clare Trapasso
Blogs at: City Spoonful

Clare Trapasso is the co-creator of City Spoonful, a general assignment reporter at the Daily News and a part-time college journalism professor. She loves exploring the city and telling the stories of its residents through food and hanging out with her miniature red dachshund named Couscous. This summer she plans to learn how to make popsicles in fun flavor combinations.


Dave Cook
Blogs at: Eating in Translation

Since his first blog post on Eating in Translation in January 2005, Dave Cook has visited thousands of venues, from white-linen restaurants to elbows-on-the-table eateries, as well as street vendors, fairs, festivals, grocers, and greenmarkets, in New York and occasionally farther afield. His reviews also appear in The New York Times.


Delia Pless
Blogs at: City Spoonful

A cheap eats enthusiast with an adventurous palate, Delia Pless appreciates fast service, lots of leftovers and things that ooze when you bite into them. If there’s a wall with a hole in it, and that hole serves tasty food, Delia will be there to try it out. Delia writes for City Spoonful.


Donny Tsang
Blogs at: Eat to Blog

Donny is co-creator of Eat to Blog, a contributor to Midtown Lunch and Serious Eats. When he’s not stuffing his face with tamales or beef stew noodles, he’s interviewing other food photogs on Great Food Photos and taking behind-the-scenes photos of local artisans on Foodaissance.


Jamie Feldmar
Blogs at: Jamiefeldmar.com

Jamie Feldmar has written for Edible Brooklyn, The James Beard Foundation, and Gothamist. She will almost always agree to an ethnic eating adventure.


Jared Cohee
Blogs at: Eating the World in NYC

Jared Cohee is a travel writer who uses the five boroughs and their surrounding areas not only as a base when not abroad, but also as a departure point to travel the world of food. Eating the World in New York City is a travel guide to an amazing culinary city, pointing people in the direction of not only terrific foods from every country, but authentic experiences with culture and tradition.


Jeff Orlick
Blogs at: Jeffrey Tastes (iwantmorefood.com)

Jeff Orlick is a communicator and a connector, using food as the medium. He creates accessible, authentic experiences of cultures, which serve to further educate even after the events have taken place. Mr. Orlick’s alter-ego, the Queens Qustodian, is dedicated to showing you ways you can clean up your community.


Jessica Lee Binder
Blogs at: FoodMayhem

Jessica is a professionally trained culinary and pastry chef, blogging at FoodMayhem since 2007. She has worked in various roles in the hospitality industry including bartender, café owner, cook, staffing consultant, business development, caterer, and recipe developer. She is currently exploring her most difficult role yet: mom.


Krista Garcia
Blogs at: Goodies First

Krista is the creator of hodge-podge food blog, Goodies First, publishes a column about international chain restaurants for Serious Eats New York and has written for Metromix.com, Nymag.com and the New York Post, among others. Despite living in Brooklyn, the artisanal epicenter, she has an obsession with New Jersey suburbs and tries to eat at Bonefish Grill as much as possible.


Nicholas Chen
Blogs at: My Inner Fatty

Nicholas is the author of the wildly unsuccessful hipster blog “My Inner Fatty.” You probably haven’t heard of it before. His love for soup dumplings and beef noodle soup is matched only by his tight-fistedness when it comes to spending money on food. He once swallowed a Lego. True story.


Matthew Kronsberg
Blogs at: mattkronsberg.tumblr.com

Matt Kronsberg is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and First We Feast, among others. He tries to be interested in- and write about- all kinds of things, but always seems to end up back at food.


Max Falkowitz
Blogs at: Serious Eats

Max Falkowitz is the New York Editor of Serious Eats, where he covers food and restaurants across the five boroughs and explores the technique and science of making ice cream.


Nick Solares
Blogs at: Beef Aficionado, Serious Eats, A Hamburger Today, Slice

Nick Solares is a NYC-based food writer and photographer. He has a particular obsession with beef (as his personal blog might indicate). In addition to working for Serious Eats, he has appeared on Sirius Radio, CBS Sunday Morning TV, Time Out NY and NY Magazine to evangelize about eating steer.


Robert Fernandez
Blogs at: Sheepshead Bites

Robert Fernandez is an award-winning competitive barbecue pitmaster and the founder of New York City’s only barbecue contest, Grillin’ On The Bay. When not cooking up some amazing barbecue, Robert can be found exploring the incredibly diverse food scene of Southern Brooklyn and writes about it in his weekly online food column, The Bite.


Robyn Lee
Blogs at: The Girl Who Ate Everything, Serious Eats

Robyn Lee started her food blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything, in 2004 and continues to update it because she still eats food. Somewhere along the way her blog helped her get a full time job at Serious Eats, where she’s an editor and photographer.


Sara Markel-Gonzalez
Blogs at: Under the 7: The Roosevelt Avenue Project, Serious Eats NY

Sara works as a chef, and has written much about the fine food found in Queens for her blog, Under the 7 Train — as well as for Serious Eats New York. She lives in Queens, of course, with her husband and daughter, and can often be found wandering the streets, searching for the perfect taco.


Siobhan Wallace
Blogs at: Blondie and Brownie, Midtown Lunch

Siobhan is co-creator of Blondie and Brownie, a contributor to Midtown Lunch, a member of Slow Food NY’s Snail of Approval Committee, and recently appeared on the Cooking Channel’s “Eat Street.” Though she’s only lived in Brooklyn for two years, she completely lives up to the Brooklyn artisanal foodie yupster stereotype.


Tina Corrado
Blogs at: City Spoonful, Tina’s Nom Noms

Tina Corrado enjoys getting lost in her own kitchen and re-telling tales from her food-riddled past on the blog Tina’s Nom Noms. Her love for peaches & wine and fried polenta with broccoli rabe and sausage makes up only a fraction of her food loving heart. She also contributes to City Spoonful, where she’s had the opportunity to write about (and cook) fare ranging from momos to Guyanese hot pepperpot stew. Tina firmly believes food is love – and she feels bad for picky eaters.


Tom Sullivan
Blogs at: Brokelyn, Buzzine, Tom Blogs Food

Tom Sullivan is a journalism student, marketing intern, and freelance writer living in Brooklyn. When higher education isn’t devouring his free time (and soul), he contributes regularly to Buzzine and Brokelyn) while blogging about food with poor attempts at humor on his personal blog, Tom Blogs Food. Insert something witty here.


Veronica Chan
Blogs at: World to Table

Veronica Chan doesn’t chase the carrot, she grows it. By day, she’s the Director of Content & Community at Gojee.com, in between she writes and explores on World to Table. She prefers to eat standing up and challenging chefs to put their best dish “in a can.”


Blogs at: At the Sign of the Pink Pig

Writing as “Wilfrid,” Kim Davis has been publishing the dining and arts blog “At the Sign of the Pink Pig” for more almost five years. A Londoner by birth and New Yorker by choice, he is the founder member of Mouthfuls food forums, has worked as Associate Editor on the “Local East Village,” and writes about technology for Internet Evolution.


Yvo Sin
Blogs at: The Feisty Foodie

Yvo, aka The Feisty Foodie, is a firm believer that you have to try new foods to know if you like them or not, and “if it tastes good, eat it!” Her sense of humor, like her wardrobe, is black & pink, and her passion for eating knows no limits – thankfully, neither does her stomach, to the tune of six cheesesteaks and counting. (Her weight, on the other hand…)


13 Responses to Real Cheap Eats Editors, Developers and Contributors

  1. Pigiron says:

    Nice job so far. I’m very impressed.

    You should always include the cross-street in the address. Don’t make us click the map link just to figure out where these places are!

  2. David Chalk says:

    Great stuff, my mouth is watering! ;>)

  3. Libby says:

    I don’t have a blog to get references from, but I do have an extensive knowledge of cheap, good, and a variety of cusine in the east village. Besides Stage corn beef Hash, their Split pea soup is amazing, with toasted challah, which is 4.50. They also have a tuna sandwich and cup of soup deal four 5 dollars. Viva herbal is a vegan and vegetarian pizza place on 11th and second which has great huge slices from 2.50 to 6.00 (including a Corroza slice which is spelt crust olives, mozzarella, onions, and spinach for 4.00). There is also the Ukrainian Restaurant on 9th and 2nd that has the best vegetable soup and sweet challah for 3.50 a bowl. Really good. Veselka has nothing on Stage and the Ukranian Restaurant.

  4. Tim O'Connor says:

    Hi! I am a bakery owner in Tempe, AZ. I lived in NYC for a while and my wife grew up in Queens. We graduated from CIA Hyde park in’84 and worked with Daniel Boulud out of school. I came upon you site because my daughter just graduated from college and headed back to NYC to look for work in TV, and she asked me for a good, cheap place to eat. I said I know there are blogs and features in the mags for just such a thing. I like yours the best because it’s easy to use. Anyway, I’ve included a menu to Bogota Latin Bistro in Park Slope. Full disclosure, I went to high school with the owner Farid.(does not know I’m sending this but I will tell him after) Anyway, I’ve eaten there, the food is very good and the fare meets your budget requirements. Give it a try, and hopefully something there makes the grade.

    Keep up the great work!


  5. olivia says:


    I’m looking to find a place to eat near Rockfellar Center to eat with family for lunch that is NOT pricey. We’re open to any style of food, from Chinese to Italian….or even Thai.

    Any recommendations?



    • James Boo - The Eaten Path says:

      Hi Olivia,

      You’re near all kinds of great stuff there! You can check out our current index of Midtown cheap eats here: http://realcheapeats.com/nyc/manhattan/midtown/

      In addition to these picks and the famous Halal Guys cart at 53rd and 6th ave (street meat 101 with a truly explosive hot sauce), there are numerous street vendors — the best place to look those up is midtownlunch.com (several writers from that site contribute to Real Cheap Eats).

      Good luck, and happy eating!

  6. chris chu says:

    What a great compilation site!!!! I’m new to the blogging arena and I’m trying to give my own website direction and focus. The organization & content of this site is fantastic. Not only is it informative, but it truly gives me inspiration to expound upon my passion and write about it! Keep up the good work and if you feel like giving me pointers…I’M ALL EARS!!!!

  7. Ruth says:

    Hi there, My husband and I are from Australia. we have been travelling in Central America for 4 months and ending it with 1 week in New York…..and although we love food we are short on money so your website is perfect for us!! Really it looks very well thought out and informative. The only question I have as a traveller is do you have a map of each borough with ALL the cheap eats in them so we can just ‘bump’ into the cool places whilst we’re walking around?

    • James Boo - The Eaten Path says:

      Hi, Ruth!

      We’re actually working on building a brand new web site that will include the map features you’re referring to. In the meantime, if you’re a Foursquare user you can access a lot of our write-ups in the form of Foursquare lists. Check them out here: https://foursquare.com/realcheapeats

      Safe travels, and happy eating! I hope our guide serves you well.

  8. Neil Palmer says:

    How often do you update the Foursquare list? I love cruising around on my bike and then figuring out where to eat based on that list (trying to work my way through it), but some places are on the site but not on the list (e.g. Brennan & Carrs). Otherwise, great work!

    • James Boo - The Eaten Path says:

      Hi, Neil! It’s awesome to hear that you’re using our Foursquare list to get the Real Cheap Eats experience on your bike.

      Unfortunately, there are loose ends here and there that we don’t have manpower to tie up–Foursquare lists being one of them. If you hit realcheapeats.com on your smartphone, we do have browsing by neighborhood name built into the mobile version of the site. It’s not quite as functional, but is all-inclusive of everything that we’ve written about. I hope this is helpful!

      If you want to be alerted when new features are added to the web site (including map-based search and browse), sign up for our newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/CodpH.

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